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Bodice, Sleeve and Pant + Instruction PDF and A0 format



Have you started to learn pattern making and want to make patterns in your own size? 


This digital download includes the pattern that is intended to be used as a sloper (basic template) to be used as a tool to start with to make your own pattern designs. 


To get the absolute most out of this sloper, you MUST do a fitting before you consider this sloper perfect for you to use to make new patterns designs with success.


There are multiple sizes on this pattern to make it easy for you to blend sizes if you fall into more than one size. 


This is an amazing asset to your Pattern Making journey!!

Men's Sloper - Large Plus (Chest 50”-60” | Waist 46”-56”)

    • Instructions to show you how to print the digital files and take your own measurements
    • Sloper Large Plus Bodice, sleeve and pant in PDF format

    • And A0 format


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